My Fleshlight Review with Photos in 2020

What’s up? Don’t feel weird about looking for a Fleshlight review – if you’re a man, the appeal of having a “female” to pleasure you minus the annoying nagging and money for dates is very enticing.

Obviously, as I’m writing this Fleshlight review, I just want to let you know that it is undoubtedly one of the most realistic, pleasurable and advanced adult toys I’ve ever tried.

And if I were to define Fleshlight, I can only say that it is a “gift for mankind”!

However, when I was first looking around, I felt weird about getting a Fleshlight. The stigma behind them just made it seem… gross? I’m not what the exact word is.

Trust me, owning one is the polar opposite of gross. It’s f***ing awesome!

Special Deals and Discounts

​Fleshlight always have tons of special offers available for their amazing customers! In the meantime, their current deals include:

Fleshlight also host major sales such as a massive Black Friday and Cyber Monday promo, so make sure to check this space for some mind-blowing (and penis-blowing) deals when the time comes.

Keep an eye on their regular deals as they do tend to change from time to time. 

The Essentials: What​ is a Fleshlight, and Why on Earth is it called that?

A Fleshlight is a device that men can use to masturbate with. Instead of just using your hand, a Fleshlight stimulates a feeling of a girl’s vagina, mouth or butt perfectly.

It’s called a Fleshlight because when closed, it looks exactly like a flashlight. Notice how similar those two words are?

Starting off: The 2 Main Benefits of Having One

1. ​Uh, like, 100x better than just using your hand. You might also ask yourself “Why would I want to purchase such product, when I can achieve satisfaction, with my own hand?”

Well, I can say is that edging with Fleshlight makes it far more realistic and is obviously one great way to get that mind blowing orgasm, which just can’t be achieved with your own hand.

2. You don’t get the appeal of throwing a girl around, slapping her ass, cuddling and holding her down, but you do get the same exact feeling as a dripping pussy.  

Picture ​Your ​Favorite ​Scene…

If it’s a famous porn star, then, chances are, there is a Fleshlight literally molded from her vagina.

Tori Black, Tera Patrick, and Lisa Ann. Recognize those names? Yep, Fleshlights for those three exist.

I know there are lots of guys, including me, who always imagine having sex with his favorite porn star and because of Fleshlight, my fantasy became a reality.

I don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for it, all it takes is the right Fleshlight Girl sleeves (and a little bit of time).

Explore: You can check out my review and complete list of Fleshlight girls here.

Moving on: The Variety is Ridiculous

Fleshlight has a different variety of insert sleeves. You can choose if you like a textured or completely smooth insert – it’s up to you. 

The different sleeves allow you to experience oral, anal and vaginal intercourse depending on what you want. As this is a Fleshlight review, I’ll tell you one of my favorites and that is vortex insert sleeve.

Fleshlight Accessories

If you’ve been playing with your Fleshlight for a while, chances are the experience has started becoming more or less predictable. Let’s face it – variety is the key to everything, especially when it comes to sexual pleasure.

Ready for some new beginnings but don’t want to cheat on your Fleshlight yet? Preserve and re-ignite the relationship with some seriously ​impressive accessories! Intrigued?

Read below and prepare some extra bucks for add-ons. Nothing in life is free… *sigh*

Mounts & Hands-​Free

One of the reasons why we love Fleshlights so much is because of how portable they are!

But let’s face it, sometimes we also hate them for all the same reasons. There are nights (days, and lunch breaks) when a hands-free pleasure is absolutely required. If only if was achievable with a good old Fleshlight!

Oh wait, looks like it is...

​All you need to do is ​get one of the ​incredible original mounts! They’re available in a variety of shapes to mimic some of your favorite positions, and there is even a two-player version for you and your partner. 

​Fancy wet squeaky clean shower sex? There is a mount for that as well. You will sing in the shower, believe me. An additional bonus for those guilty for skipping them gym sessions: hands-free play is great for stamina and core strength. Don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I know what my favorite exercise is from now on…


The future is now! Vstroker is the most advanced virtual sex system in the world. It’s called Vstroker for a reason, as when attached to the Fleshlight, the Vstroker records the speed of your strokes with great accuracy.

The data is then wirelessly transmitted to your computer and simulated within the Vstroker studio!

Sounds fancy but doesn’t make much sense?

Let us put it simply: Vstroker virtually takes hot porn stars into your bedroom, and you can not only feel, but also see them! Let that horny sexy creature look you in the eyes, interact with you, moan, scream and beg her more while you’re having amazingly realistic virtual sex with her.

If you’re anything like 101% men out there, this upgrade will change your sex life for the better. Virtual sex that feels so real, without nagging and putting in any effort…get on it, Vstroker is a worthy investment!

Fleshlight Upgrades

There are quite a few upgrades available – I hope you’re excited to find out a bit more about each one of these.

​This section definitely deserves your attention, and you’ll be beating yourself up if you discover it when your order is already dispatched.

That’s why I’m here – to help you make informed choices and remain up to date with all available Fleshlight upgrades!  

​Sleeve Warmer

​​Winter night can get pretty cold – and even over summer, extra warmth and coziness down there is always more than welcome.

However, Fleshlight needs a bit of extra help to get toasty, and this is where the sleeve warmer comes into play. Insert it in your Fleshlight while you’re getting ready for some fun times for an ultimate real-life sexual experience.

The sleeve warmer has a couple of convenient power options, including USB cable and a wall charger. It also maintains temperature but doesn’t ever overheat, thanks to the inbuilt auto shut-off feature.

And to sell you on it completely, I’ll just mention it also has sturdy non-slip base pads, meaning ​you can ​use it as a perfect Fleshlight storage! ​That’s pretty…ergonomic.


Meet the Fleshlight Launch, a fully automated masturbation robot. This guy was conceived during a collaborative effort between Kiiroo and Fleshlight – while the former handled the technology, the Fleshlight guys made damn sure that the actual masturbatory materials are of the highest quality, as your penis deserves no less.

The interactive mode is entirely hands-free, and it works in sync with the videos you watch, so the only thing you’ll need to lift to enjoy yourself is your penis.

If you prefer more control or simply don’t trust robots enough yet, there is also a fully customizable manual mode which puts you in full control of speed and frequency of strokes. There is an impressive range of different motions to discover, and the possibilities are endless.

​Oh, and the device is fully compatible with most other Fleshlight add-ons and accessories, so why not get a special bundle today? Wink-wink.


This epic device, which “brings together two of our favorite things: the iPad® and Fleshlight,” has gone viral more than once.

The reasons are obvious – first, it looks insanely cool. Second, by attaching your Fleshlight to the iPad, you’ll get a perfect view of your favorite content, if you know what I mean.

It’s also a great portable way to explore a variety of positions for masturbation! Best of all, it doesn’t even matter what kind of iPad you have, as the creation is ​entirely compatible with iPad Fourth Generation, iPad Third Generation, and iPad 2.

It also rotates by 180 degrees, meaning you can expose the home button or access camera for some very special photo. Don’t send it to m​om, please.


It’s a similar concept to the LaunchPad, allowing to leave juggling your smartphone while masturbating in the past.

The deal is to secure your smartphone (or even a mini tablet, as the add-on is adjustable) to your leg to provide easy viewing of the screen​.

You can also ​it while having a video chat with your partner​, completely freeing up your hands. Sounds pretty sweet​!

Enough Boring Stuff – ​It's Time to Order

​I started by going to Fleshlight official site, I click BYO (Build Your Own) and select Black case, Lady as orifice and Vortex as my Fleshlight texture or sensation. By the way, there are 4 orifice and different sorts of textures to choose from.

Although picking the features was quite hard as all options seem like a great deal, the ordering process itself was an absolute breeze.

After placing an order, you get an “Order Complete” email, followed by another one marking the glorious moment of shipment. The latter will list all the purchased items, and it will also contain a UPS tracking ID, so your Fleshlight won’t get lost and lonely.

Initially, I wasn’t ready to spend money on a Fleshlight, but when you consider all of the time you spend masturbating, it’s worth the money to spice that experience up a little bit.

With an ordinary girl, you have the problem of oops, not so deep! ​Or ouch, that hurts! Luckily, a Fleshlight has no feelings. When you get yours, prepare for it to swallow you up completely with no complaints.


​I’m pleased to admit that the shipping experience went well, with no surprises whatsoever.

All packages are shipped via UPS or DHL, which pretty much guarantees timely delivery. The parcels are shipped from the warehouse very quickly.

Generally within the continental USA, if you pay with a credit card, the order is usually filled ​within 1-3 business days and shipped, and then it takes up to 5 business days to be delivered. 

Do you want to pick up your order at your local UPS Service Center?

​​In my experience, you have to place your order with your home address, then once you receive an email with the tracking number, call (or email) Fleshlight customer service. Ask for pick up at UPS location and they'll ​setup a "Will Call" with UPS for you.

Package and Label

When you receive your parcel, they come packaged discreetly, and you won’t actually be able to tell what it is – which is a good thing! No one – not even your mailman – will know what you’ve ordered.

Fleshlight respects your privacy, bro. ​I’d never buy a Fleshlight in person, but the discreetness of the whole thing really impressed me.

When it came in the mail, I didn’t even realize that it was the Fleshlight I’d ordered for this ​review. I thought it was a package from Amazon or something. ​

The packaging ​is very secure, comes in a perfect condition and ensures that everything you’ve ordered doesn’t suffer on the way to your cozy cave.

International Order: If the package is delivered outside of the U.S, you will also find a manifest attached to satisfy customs regulations.

However, it still won’t reveal any of your secrets​; otherwise, such a treasure would definitely be stolen on the way.

The Fleshlight Case

​​If you’re getting the Fleshlight, you better also add the original case to your purchase. The Fleshlight is fashionable, you know – and deserves ​a fantastic outfit.

Jokes aside, there are quite a few cases available in different colors and designs, and they are much more than a pretty coat for your new friend – the cases are also extremely functional!

For instance, they make perfect storage. If anyone discovers your Fleshlight by accident, and it’s wrapped in a case…chances are, your mischief will go unnoticed (unless you get a clear version!). Profit!

All cases feature a convenient removable top for easy access, as well as a sturdy, reliable design. In other words, grab one of those guys without much thinking. It’s a steal (and the price is sweet too, by the way).

The Vortex Pink Lady Sleeve

Made from the trademarked signature Superskin, the Vortex Pink Lady is incredibly supple and soft.

The best adventure awaits inside though when you get to the swirling ridges of this sleeve. Those are cleverly placed to thoroughly stimulate your entire length, teasing your penis and swirling around it like a total boss.

The ​sleeve does look a bit intimidating for inexperienced newbies, and my first contact with it consisted of carefully sticking my finger into the hole. Oh boy, was that fun! It feels very realistic – squishy, soft and warmly inviting, but also sort of firm and tight.

The Smell? Unlike many cheap masturbators, there is no disgusting chemical smell either. In fact, like me, most people don’t sense any smell at all, while others detect subtle hints of vanilla (wishful thinking?).

 You won’t spend much time sniffing it anyway, as the very look of the Pink Lady will make you want to get right down to business.

My First Time Using Fleshlight

​Although many people skip this step, I prefer my Fleshlight warm and cozy. As I’ve mentioned before, you can simply purchase a sleeve warmer, which quickly heats up the Fleshlight to a realistic temperature within 5 minutes.

If you got too excited and forgot to throw the sleeve warmer in your online shopping basket, I can suggest another useful ​Fleshlight hack.

You will need a clear plastic bag and place the sleeve inside it. All you need to do is fill it with warm water and tie it up.

After that, all you need to do is place your marvelous creation in a sink. Then let it sit until the time is right, empty the water and it's good to go.

Bad news: depending on your preferences, the plastic bag process can take up to 1​5 to 20 minutes and can be messy.

Good news: it’s just enough time to jump on​ and order the sleeve warmer. Trust me, and you won’t regret this extra investment and less clean up too. 

Lube It!

Of course, for a super smooth experience, you’ll need to lube your Fleshlight before you go.

First of all, a crucial warning – please do not attempt to use any kind of oil-based lubes, even those containing tiny amounts of oils.

This is because oil-based lubes is capable of destroying the layers of your insert, completely ruining the experience and giving you an impression of masturbating with a gentle cheese grater. Or a rough towel. Anyway, you get the idea – not a pleasant one.

Now, when you’re sure you have the right lube which is a water-based lube, it’s time for some smoothing action. Essentially, all you need to do is to pour lube inside your Fleshlight sleeve.

How much lube? I ​can’t give you a ​straight answer​. You need to try and see for yourself. Some people claim that a little bit goes a long way.

On the contrary, I personally prefer my Fleshlight wet and slippery, so I go through a bottle of lube pretty quickly.

Another thing worth noting is that you’ll likely need to lubricate your penis as well for the best possible experience. I hope you know how to do that…

My Impression of Fleshlight Vortex

​​O​k, there is a ​vast variety of sleeves available, but everyone needs to start somewhere. Let’s talk, for instance, about the Fleshlight Vortex sleeve!

  • Orifice looks absolutely great, realistic and attractive. It's also just as tight as it needs to be.
  • The texture is best described as something incredibly soft – and perhaps even a bit…mushy if you please. The reviews don’t lie – it does feel very real. Once you stick your penis inside, you’ll immediately know what I mean – and perhaps, won’t have any desire to take your joystick out anytime soon! There are also some very realistic rough patches inside, and the presence of those enhances the experience dramatically.
  • First Experience with my new sexy friend was actually very exciting. In fact, I was hooked after about a quarter of a stroke, and stopped questioning spending money on something like this ever since! My hand doesn’t compare – it’s very “predictable,” if you know what I mean, and I usually have to work extra hard to reach my climax. With the Fleshlight, the game changes – and I immediately find myself in a pre-ejaculating state. At the same time, I can control it and finish as quickly or slowly as I please. Just…wow, not much else to say.
  • The break-in period is practically non-existent, especially if you generously use some nice water-based lube. In saying that, over time you’ll likely start feeling the insides with greater accuracy. You’ll start anticipating every little bump, getting even more excited! Unlike real vaginas, this one age gracefully. In fact, it doesn’t age at all.


​Fleshlight V​ortex is an absolute keeper, and as far as I’m concerned, there is nothing like it on the market.

​It helps you gain ​total control over your ejaculation while also initiating stellar orgasms (it’s seriously hard to stay sane and silent while experiencing those!).

Any partner you’ll acquire from now on will have some serious competition – just saying…

​Does Fleshlight Feel like the Real thing?

Not exactly the real thing but it is so damn close! And they’re certainly far better than your hand.

To be honest, I​ am quite surprised ​by how real it felt to me, especially if it is well lubed and warmed up. I can say that it feels better than some of the vaginas I’ve experienced.

On the flip side, a majority of wet dripping vaginas will surely feel much better than Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Cleaning and Care

​To answer your silent question, yes, you do need to clean your Fleshlight.

And perhaps this will be the time to encounter some bad news. See, the realistic material your masturbation buddy is made of is a tough nut when it comes to cleaning.

To put it simply, it won’t play nicely with most cleaning products you’d think of from the top of your head.

For instance, soap is a major, epic no-no. It will absolutely destroy the material, turning your ultimate pleasure to zero.

Luckily, there is a great relatively simple way to clean your Fleshlight:

  1. ​The best you can do is to remove the sleeve in the Fleshlight case​.
  2. ​​Turn on the faucet, wash it first with running water, then using your fingers rub the cum off ​inside the sleeve. After that, run water through both ends then pat it ​dry​ with a clean towel. ​
  3. Then using a clean ​thin cloth (preferably a lint-free cloth), slide it through the hole from one end to the other.
  4. It’s also advisable to sanitize your Fleshlight with the official product, Fleshwash, after every ​use. Some people opt for IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) instead. Another advantage of Fleshwash is that it contains Triclosan, a powerful antibacterial agent.
  5. Clean out the case as well using alcohol or soap and water.
  6. Set everything on a clean surface. Leave and allow to air dry for at least 24 hours.

If for some reason you can’t clean your Fleshlight straight away, here is some wisdom:

  • ​​Do NOT finish inside the Fleshlight (Pull Out)
  • ​​​Either remove the sleeve completely from the case or remove both caps till you are able to clean the sleeve.

​​Don’t have enough time (or patience!) to air dry the sleeve before the next use?

​You can attempt to shake off the excess water and then pat the outsides with the absorbent towel. Then, put the sleeve back into the case with silica gel packs on both ends and leave the screw cap ends open for ventilation. Voila!

Another thing you can do is purchase ​an additional sleeve​!

If you don’t have ​an additional Fleshlight case to store the extra sleeve, you can simply store ​​your extra Fleshlight sleeve in a secure dust-free dry place.

You can even throw it in a little box or shoe-box and pack it with some silica gel packets to absorb the moisture. No rocket science – just make sure it’s well hidden from curious housemates unless you’re proudly showcasing it already.

Some ​users note that inserts remain in perfect conditions for years and years, should you store them properly.

Don’t put them away wet, don’t screw on both caps to prevent a wet bacterial paradise forming inside, and do provide constant contact with some open air. It’s as simple as that, really.

I Know What ​You’re Thinking: What are the Downsides?

​There’s only one downside that I’ve experienced: you have to clean it. And yes, the cleaning procedures and all those do’s and don'ts we’ve discussed before are a bit of a hassle.

I guess, the manufacturer knows that guys hate cleaning, so they tried their best to make it easy and even designed the Fleshwash for you, so hey! ​Stop complaining. There is clean up after real sex too, anyway.

Other downsides some people seem to be noticing include the material of the sleeve becoming slightly sticky/tacky over time, but the inventors have the answer for this, too. Just purchase the Fleshlight Renewing Powder and use it as needed, which shouldn’t be too often.

I’ve seen some suggestions to use cornstarch​.
The point is, take care of your Fleshlight, store it properly, wash after every use – and you’ll both be fine!

This was kinda long – Let’s recap my Fleshlight Review!

  • Either remove the sleeve completely from the case or remove both caps till you are able to clean the sleeve.
  • ​​​​The feeling is unreal, and you can get an exact mold of your favorite pornstar, which is unbelievable.
  • All of the benefits of having a girl, minus all of the negatives.
  • It’s in a discreet container that looks like a flashlight, which I can easily hide underneath the bottom drawer of my dresser.
  • ​​Easy to clean.

WARNING about ​Fakes!

Obviously, the name “Fleshlight” is universally known. When I did this Fleshlight review, I made sure that I went ​to the official store – – and not just some random guy on eBay. This ensured that I was getting the real thing and that it would be packaged discreetly.

I’ve read ​on a forum that there are lots of fake fleshlights on Amazon and eBay. Usually, if the price is “too good to be true” then, think again.

What if the seller has good ratings? Even if someone has good ratings, it’s still smart to go with a reputable vendor, and that is buying ​on official Fleshlight website.

Well, that’s about it. Hope I didn’t bore you with my Fleshlight review. If you are on the fence about getting one… JUST DO IT! It makes the whole “process” that much more enjoyable.

If you have any questions, then feel free to contact me. I’ll do my best to answer any questions.

Also, don’t forget to subscribe ​to the latest Fleshlight review and updates.

Thanks for reading!

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