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New York Times Bestseller: Children’s Middle Grade

Chris’ newest book The Land Of Stories: the Enchantress Returns is debuting as a New York Times bestseller and The Land Of Stories: the Wishing Spell is back on the list.


‘Glee’ season five to air on Sky1 “within seven days” of US broadcast

The first three episodes of Glee‘s fifth season will air in the UK within a week of US transmission.

The musical drama will return to Fox on September 26, airing three new episodes – the third of which will be a tribute to its late star Cory Monteith – before then going on an extended hiatus.

Sky has now confirmed that it will air these initial three instalments “within seven days” of the US airing.

There is no word yet on when Glee will resume on Fox or Sky1 following the Monteith tribute, or if Sky1 intends to continue the seven-day transmission pattern for future episodes.

The show’s fourth season aired in the UK four months after its initial airing, in order to “play out… an unbroken run” and avoid hiatuses imposed by the show’s US broadcast.

Source: Digital Spy.

Chris Colfer Talks ‘Enchantress’ & ‘Glee’ Returns

Chris Colfer became a New York Times best-selling author last year with the debut of The Land of Stories. Now Chris, and the Bailey twins, are back with a sequel, titled The Enchantress Returns and ETonline sat down with the man of the hour at a recent Barnes & Noble signing!

In addition to talking about the plot and inspiration for The Enchantress Returns, Chris opened up about the upcoming fifth season of Glee and what it means for everyone’s favorite choral couple.

So, are wedding bells in Klaine’s future? Watch the video and find out!

The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns is now available. Click here to order!

Source: ET Online

Live Chat with Chris Colfer

In case you missed Chris’ live chat yesterday :)

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