Online Sympathy Cards (1 for Lea & 1 for the Cast)

I have bought 2 group cards for fans to sign. One is for Lea and one is for the entire cast. I right now have them set up to be emailed to Lea’s PR for her card and to Ryan Murphy’s PR for the cast card and set it to do so a month from now. But I will be paying attention to when they all finally start filming S5 (as I don’t expect that to be next Monday now) and adjust the date accordingly. Also once we have an idea of when it will be able to be delivered I will be setting up my paypal for CCArmy4FACES to take donations to have both cards printed & delivered to the Paramount set so that Lea & the cast can have a professionally printed and bound copy of the cards. If I collect any extra money (the printed cards will cost 29.95 a piece I believe) all proceeds will be donated to Project Limelight in Cory’s honor. If you’d like to sign the cards you may do so by visiting the links below. – Chrisie

PS – If you want to contribute now for the cost of the card(s) contact me at

Lea’s Card

Cast Card

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July 19th, 2013 at 4:05 AM

Thank you for this. <3 to the entire Glee family and to Cory's family.

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